Where to buy a car key lock box for surfers

Yes, I finally bought a car key lock box! I'm a surfer myself and for many years I took a very slack attitude to keep my car keys safe from thieves...

I'm sure we all agree if you were like me and were hiding your keys above the car tyre, it's not very smart. No risk at all is the safest option.

It will never be worth the risk to have you car stolen or anything stolen from your car. I'm sure many surfers were lucky. However far too many would have returned to their car after a surf and it was too late. Thieves will know most surfers are a very easy target. Don't take anymore risks to lose your car or even your wallet and phone.

car key lock box for any vehicle 

Check out the Sesamee Car Key Lock Box every surfer should buy!

The Sesamee Car Key Lock Box uses a 4 digit code combination and padlock. It's completely secure with a fully moulded body and vinyl coated shackle to prevent scratching.

This key box lock box is very robust and the toughest available. It's made in the USA and will safely store your keys and door remote. The key box lock box itself is 83 mm wide with durable metal construction. Corrosion resistant and suitable for any outdoor use.

To use this key box lock box  it's very easy. You can lock the key box to any vehicle tow bar or axle towing eye. Most vehicles have a secure latch under the car. Make sure you check before you buy.

Now with the Sesamee Car Key Lock Box you can go surfing and not worry about your keys!

car key lock box for any vehicle

Sesamee Car Key Lock Box Features

  • The car key lock box keeps your car keys safe when you surf
  • The lock box can hold 5 or more keys
  • It's easy to use and secures to your car towbar or axle towing eye etc.
  • Set your own four digit combination
  • 83mm wide durable construction
  • Shutter door protects dials from weather, dirt and grime.
  • Molded body and vinyl coated shackle prevent scratching
  • This handy car key lock box attaches to all vehicle types
  • Completely all weather resistant

Sesamee surfers car key lock box

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