Dominator garage door opener remote replacements for all models

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TrioCode Garage Door Remotes

A Dominator garage door opener is strongly advised to be installed by a local Dominator professional. You cannot buy a DIY kit and will need to buy from an authorised Dominator garage door opener remote dealer.

The Dominator garage door opener remote is hardwearing, durable and tough!

When it comes to protecting your home assets and family, you can't buy better than a Dominator Garage Door and opener and remote.

At the Remote Warehouse we stock and sell Dominator remotes for early Dominator models. Buy Dominator garage door opener remote replacements.

We stock for the Dominator garage door remote ADS 503, DOM505, YBS2 and YBS4 Dominator garage door opener remote through to the most recent PTX style models.

Dominator Ads 503 Garage Remote Dominator Dom505 Garage Remote

Dominator YBS2 & YBS4 garage remotes Dominator Ptx-4 Garage Remote

Whether you’re using the new or old Dominator garage door remotes all are a very safe bet.

The Dominator NZ Brand are winners of numerous awards in design, quality and for exports Worldwide.

They also lead the way in garage door remote technology. It’s very safe to say that Dominator garage door opener remote technology has come a long way since Dominator first started back in 1988.

Dominator garage door opener remote replacements

Introducing The World’s Most Secure And Reliable Garage And Gate Opener Transmitter System TRIOCODE™128.


• TrioCode™128 transmitters are backwards compatible with existing TrioCode™ openers

• “Original” TrioCode™ transmitters (orange/pink buttons) will NOT work with TrioCode™128 openers.

• Features a new “Latch To Send” process to ensure the code is sent

• Uses the proven three-frequency system to overcome interference

• Remote coding and limit setting functions can still be done via transmitter, using the same process

• Transmitter controlled features such as light activation, pet mode and vacation mode are still available

• Range, transmitter capacity and coding process remain the same

• TrioCode™128 openers and receivers identifi able by grey antenna wire.

With 309,485,009,821,345,068,724,781,056 possible code combinations (that’s 309 trillion trillion codes), combined with our proven multi-frequency platform, peace-of-mind has never been more assured.

TrioCode™128 uses the same 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) relied upon by banks, spy agencies and governments for keeping secret data safe. Find out more at Download the TrioCode® Garage Door Remotes Technology PDF here.

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