How to Replace or Change my Remote Battery

Posted on March 21, 2014 by Tech Support

We have been getting many questions for help for a car remote battery change and garage remote batteries. In this blog article learn how to change the battery in your car remote and garage door remote.

Car remote battery change, do I need to replace my car remote battery?

This guide will let you know how to tell when your battery is getting low and how to go about finding the correct replacement battery.

The two main indicators for a car remote battery change are a reduced range on your remote or that it has stopped working altogether.

If you are experiencing either of these problems its definitely time to get a car remote battery change.

How do I know which car remote battery change I need?

If you are lucky your remote will have the battery number written on the back. Failing this you will need to open your remote and check the number written on the battery.

Most models can be opened either with a coin, a small Phillips screwdriver or by prying them open using the small cut out section usually by the keyring attachment.

With Merlin sun visor style remotes you need to remove the holster, you can then proceed to slide the ribbed battery cover down.

If you are unsure how to open your remote please Contact The Remote Warehouse Here with a picture of the remote and we will instruct you on how to proceed.

Examples of different battery opening systems:

car remote battery change

car remote battery change

Once you have found out which battery you require please visit our car remote and garage remote battery page. You can choose the appropriate model for your car or garage remote.

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