Repair garage door remotes help and quick guide

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Read our repair garage door remotes post. Do you have a garage remote that is no longer working or the signal has grown very weak? Don't want to spend the money to get a whole new unit, or you want to keep your old one as a spare. At The Remote Warehouse we can fix your garage, car or gate remote and get it back up to tip top working order. Many older remotes begin to work intermittently, become very weak, or stop working at all.

Repair garage door remotes and save money. No need to buy a new remote!

We offer a service were we repair your existing remote, most remotes can be salvaged. Once it's fixed we can send it straight back, or make an extra copy so you have two working remotes. We use a range of techniques from cleaning the unit, re-attaching loose battery terminals, replacing chips and parts and even replacing broken buttons.

To repair garage door remotes we charge a $50.00 fee.

This service which is fully refundable if we can't fix the remote. Every garage door remote service comes with a free battery so that you can get the best range out of your remote. Have an old remote you want to get working again? Go to our repair garage door remote service page or click the image below to be taken to our repair product page.


repair garage door remotes

We offer a FREE 1-2 day delivery service on all orders of remotes and accessories over the value of $40.

For more information about garage door remote tips check out our Garage Door Warehouse Facebook page here. The Remote Warehouse stock a wide range of car remotes, garage door opener remotes for all major brands. If you need any technical help or have any questions about any of our garage door remotes, use our contact form to send us an email - Contact The Remote Warehouse Here. Tech Support



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