Garage Door Remotes Storage Tips and The Do’s and Don’ts

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This blog post covers the do's and don'ts about storing your garage remotes.

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Today’s range of garage door remotes are a great modern convenience. Garage door remotes save us from bad backs, the pouring rain and the bitter chill of a winter’s night.

Yet that convenience is often accompanied by complacency. The ease of access an automatic garage door and garage door remote provides is also easy access for anyone else if your garage door remote falls into the wrong hands.

The days of storing house keys under welcome mats are behind us, and the same can be said for your garage door remote. Especially when you consider the value of things like boats, motorcycles or cars stored in your garage.

To help keep your garage door remote secure, we’ve compiled a list of Do’s and Don’ts for storing your garage door remote.

Garage door remotes in the car.

Do: If the car is where you use your garage door remote the most? Consider attaching it to a keychain, alongside your car keys. This way you’ll have easy access to it when you need it most, while also ensuring it comes with you when you lock up for the night. Many garage door remotes include a keychain as standard, so make use of them!

Don’t: Your car might seem like the obvious place for your garage door remote: it’s easy to access, there when you need it, and oh so convenient. But whether it’s clipped to your visor or ‘expertly hidden’, storing it here is a big mistake. All it takes is for someone to break into your car, and they’ll have immediate access to your garage, and from there - in most cases - your house.

Garage door remotes around the house.

Do: The best place to keep your garage door remote at home? Anywhere that’s secure, secluded and isn’t the first place someone would look. This could be the top drawer of a dresser, in a locked cupboard, or hidden away amongst other household items. It’s important to strike a balance between accessibility and security, so be mindful of this when making your decision.

Don’t: It’s often where you don’t store your garage door remote that makes the biggest difference. Just like your house keys, you should avoid keeping it in close proximity or view of windows where prying eyes could spot it. This is an open invitation to any untoward characters! It’s also best to avoid leaving them on tables, in bowls or on hooks close to your front door. Burglars have been known to fish these out through mailboxes, or simply by breaking a window.

Extra garage door remote storage tips.

  1. Losing your garage door remotes? It’s crucial to wipe the memory of your current system. The steps usually carry over between manufacturers. It’s best to check your garage door remote user manual for the exact instructions. From here you can pair a new garage door remote with your system. And if it’s getting old? Replacement garage door remotes are available for a range of makes and models.
  2. Avoid labelling your garage door remote. Many do this for ease of identification, but if it were to go missing? You've provided an exact address to the treasure chest it unlocks should it fall into unsavoury hands.
  3. Thinking of storing garage door remote around the garden? Under the mat, rock or garden gnome is a cliché for a reason: so many people still do it. Simply? It isn't worth the risk.
  4. Have a spare garage door remote? Consider talking with a trusted friend or neighbour and have them hold onto it. This will save you from finding the best of a bad bunch of spots to keep it, and means you always have a backup handy when you need it.
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