Garage remote fob keys provide greater convenience and security

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Garage remote fob keys are a game changer for anyone who has been using manual methods to locking or unlocking their garage, gate, or car. Learn about how a remote key fob improves security and adds a huge amount of convenience to your life.

Garage remote fob

What is a garage remote key fob?

A garage remote fob is a small remote security device which allows anyone to use a keyless entry system at their home or office. These garage remote key fobs are similar in size to any keychain you would carry with you. The old fashioned manual way of opening anything feels like a pain once you start using a remote key fob for your garage, car, or gate.

How does a garage remote key fob work?

Key fobs use sophisticated radio technology which ensures top of the line security. An owner will need to first sync up their key fob with their garage, car, or gate via some programming. You'll also need to have the correct technology already installed for your garage, car or gate to work with your remote control fob. Please feel free to talk to our team regarding any questions you may have.

garage remote fob

The benefits of garage remote key fobs for automatic entry

Your life will be far easier once you start using garage key fobs. Remote key fobs aren't just for garages, the technology has evolved to the point to where you can now have you car automatically lock or unlock depending on the distance you are to your car. These key fobs are often known as smart keys and provide many benefits such as increased safety and customisation options.

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Garage remote fob

Automate your garage doors with a garage remote fob

Manually opening your garage door is a thing of the past. How many times have you wished it wasn't raining because you had to run out and physically open your garage door? We have installation packages available for you to make the switch to garage door motors. Talk to our team for any advice for what could be the best option for you.

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