Digicode Compatible Remote (Aftermarket)

Digicode Compatible Remote (Aftermarket) Digicode Compatible Remote (Aftermarket) Digicode Compatible Remote (Aftermarket) Digicode Compatible Remote (Aftermarket)

FREE SHIPPING NZ WIDE - DELIVERED IN 1-2 WORKING DAYS ** Please allow longer for delivery to Rural Addresses** 

Compatible with the following Garage Remotes:

  • If your remote looks like this or any of the pictured Digicode Remotes (photos 1,2 & 3), then it is unavailable but it can be replaced by the specialist Remocon Cloning Remote shown in the 3rd & 4th photos.
  • Also compatible with Digicode Remote Models:
  • DC5010
  • DC5012
  • DC5030
  • DC5032
  • DC5040
  • DC5042
  • DC5060
  • DC5062
  • DC5070
  • DC5072
  • Digicode Remote can be also be Black/Charcoal coloured & still be compatible. 
  • Digicode Remote can be with or without the Key Chain hole at base & still be compatible.

Note #1: You must have an existing Remote that is still in working order for us to be able to clone it onto the new Remocon Remote for you.  Contact Us for more info.

Note #2: If you have lost your remote or your remote no longer works we will be unable to Clone from it.  Contact Us for more info if you are unsure or have any questions. 

Features of the New Remocon Cloning Remote:

  • Black case with anti-slip front design
  • Fixed Code 
  • Key ring size  

Your New Remocon Cloning Remote includes:

  • 12 Month product warranty
  • Full programming instructions to get your remote up & running
  • Free follow up Tech Support if needed (Phone/Email/Live Chat)
  • Free Shipping NZ wide (Track n Trace courier 1-2 working days)
  • Free Battery
  • Free Key Ring clip

SKU #: DCDC5010

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