ATA PTX-4 Securalift Garage Remote


NOTE - customers existing remote must look exactly the same in order to work

Remote Compatibility:

  • PTX4
  • ATA Securalift Sectional Door GDO-2V5,GDO-2V6,GDO-2V7,GDO-7,
  • Roller door GDO-6, GDO-8 GDO-4V3, GDO-4V4, GDO-4V5, GDO-4V6, GDO-2V5, GDO-2V6, GDO-2V7, GDO-7 GDO-7V1, 
  • EasyRoller Roll Up Garage Door Opener GDO-6, GDO-6V1, GDO-8V1, GDO-8V2, GDO-4V3,GDO-4V4. GDO-9v1, GDO-9V1
  • SecuraLift Overhead Garage Door Opener
  • ATA Slide or Swing Gates ESV-24, ESV-24 MS, Elite CB-19
Remote Features:
  • Slim blue case with four grey recessed buttons reducing mistaken operation
  • Keyring size
  • Simultaneously transmits on three different frequencies, so even if two are jammed the transmitter will still work
  • Frequency: 434 MHz

Remote Includes:

  • Free battery
  • Full programming instructions
  • 12 month product warranty
  • Free Shipping

The Remote Warehouse Product Code #: SATA-03

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