Mongoose LT2400 GPS Tracker

The Mongoose LT2400 is your multi-purpose battery-powered GPS tracker - can last up to 240 days on one battery charge.Tracks almost anything for up to 7~8 months on one battery charge. Designed for long-term tracking between charges but is also perfect for occasional use, especially rental cars and hire equipment.

No installation - No wiring

Attaches to flat metal surfaces with its built-in powerful magnets. Includes tamper/removal switch with text/phone alerts.

What makes this tracker so easy to use is the FREE mobile APP & FREE website which not only shows where the tracker is or where it has been, but also gives you total control of how the tracker works.

Easy set-up and go !
1. Charge the battery
2. Insert a 3G GSM SIM card
3. Switch on and send a couple of set-up text messages from your phone to the tracker to pair them together
4. Download the FREE mobile APP
5. Login to the APP, or link to the website, and see that are now tracking!




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