Remoteking RCR10 Cloning Remote

Remoteking RCR10 Remote remocon cloning remote for merlin doors


This is a remote we clone from your Remoteking garage door or car remote. We need your remote to be in working condition. 
What we do is get you to send us by courier your working remote, we then clone it onto a new remote, and return it to you by courier with the original.
Our delivery address for the courier is:
The Remote Warehouse
10 Horokaka Place,
Papamoa, 3118.
09 283 0027


Garage Remote Compatibility:

  • Remoteking RCR10 Cloning Remote
  • Remocon Cloning Remote

    Garage Remote Includes:

    • Free battery
    • Full programming instructions
    • 12 month product warranty
    • Shipping received NZ wide within 1-2 working days
    • Free shipping with every purchase over $40.00

    The Remote Warehouse Product Code #: RCRCLONE

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