Sesamee Key Storage Padlock

Sesamee 96009 shackle key safe sesamee 96009 on door Sesamee Key Storage Padlock

Sesamee Key Garage Storage Security Padlock. These are commonly used to place over a door handle or knob to securely store keys left out for tradesmen, visitors or house guests. They are also commonly known as keypods for surfers and can be used as a key lock box to safely store your keys in when out in the surf.


Select who can access your property:
- Children after school
- Pool maintenance, cleaning and repair service
- Elder care
- House & pet sitter

Best Used for:
- Primary home, timeshare and vacation properties
- Storage shed
- Recreation Vehicles: Bicycle, ATV, boat, motorbike


Key Garage Features:

  • Holds over 5 door or car keys
  • Portable, over the door knob or rail mount for convenience
  • Set your own four digit combination
  • 83mm wide durable construction
  • Shutter door protects dials from weather, dirt and grime
  • Molded body and vinyl coated shackle prevent scratching

     The Remote Warehouse Product Code #: SES96009


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