Garage Door Opener Remotes New Zealand

The Remote Warehouse is New Zealand's largest garage door remote store and stocks a wide range of garage door opener remotes for all major brands.  

Whether you're looking for a replacement remote or simply require a spare, we have it covered with our range of genuine branded remotes, including; Dominator, Merlin, ATA, Parker, Guardian & Tilt-a-matic & aftermarket remote options. We also stock a range of Garage Door Motors (with options for full installation), Garage Door Locks, Padlocks, Key safes, Lock Boxes, Remote Batteries, Gate Remotes, Car Remotes & Car Remote Replacement Shells.
Because we carry New Zealand's biggest range of garage remotes we can supply or source nearly any item, no matter how rare or uncommon, including some discontinued models. We also carry all the latest remotes for new garage openers. If you can't find the item you are looking for, please contact us & we can assist you.
We offer FREE 1-2 working day shipping on all orders.

Garage Remotes & Openers New Zealand

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