How Do I Program My Garage Remote?

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How To Program Your Garage Remote

This is something we get a lot of call for, so we've created the guide for how to program your new remote. Everyone wants to know how they can install their new garage remote, whether they purchased it off us or not. Most remotes should be able to be programmed easily within 1-2 minutes. If it is taking longer you have probably selected the wrong remote and need to get in touch via email with our support team here.

Firstly, all remotes purchased from the Remote Warehouse will come with full programming instructions. This means when you receive your garage remote via courier it will have everything with it ready to program it straight into your garage door motor.

Below we will go over the programming instructions for some of our most popular remotes. The Dominator PTX5, Tiltamatic TRV300, Guardian 22320L, Merlin C945 Plus and the Merlin M842 & M832. 


Garage Remote Programming Instructions:


The Dominator PTX5 Programming Instructions:

1. Press and hold down the 'door code' / 'code set' button on the opener for gates or 'sw1 / sw1' button on garages.

2. Press the transmitter button you would like to use on the remote for two seconds

3. Release and pause for two seconds. Press the same button for two more seconds.

4. Release the door code or Sw button

5. The remote should work the garage motor

Tiltamatic Remote

 The Tiltamatic TRV300 Programming Instructions:

1. Open your existing remote, or take the garage motor cover off, also open your new remote

2. See the switches on the current remote or motor 

3. Copy this combination onto your new remote

4. Test on door


Guardian Garage Remote Programming Instructions:

1. On the back panel of the motor locate the 'radio set' button

2. Press and release the button once

3. Press the desired button on your new remote

4. Test the remote


Merlin M842 & M832 Remote Programming:

1. Locate the 'learn' button

2 Press and hold the learn button

3. Press the larger button on the new remote, followed by the smaller button

4. Test the remote


Merlin + C945 Remote Programming:

1. Hold down any button on the remote

2. Locate the 'learn' button

3. Still holding the remote button, push and release the learn button on the motor / reciever box

4. Release the button on the remote

5. Test


If you have purchased your remote from us and still need assistance. Please get in touch and we will help you with your issue. Get in touch with us here.



What Garage Remote Do I Need?

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What garage remote suits your opener?


We know this is a tricky one. You may not know the brand or model number, but there are other ways we can help. This is our guide to finding the right garage remote to suit your motor. We have New Zealand's largest range of garage remotes so should have something to suit. If you the guide below isn't any assistance give us a call on 09 283 0027 and we'll talk you through the process.


Brand of garage motor or remote 

Probably a good place to start if you have the right information. We have all our popular brands on the front page of the home page of remote warehouse. Have a look on this main page? Can you see your brand? If you can click in and have a look at the selection of remotes under each brand, you should see your remote here.


Popular Garage Remote Brands


Appearance of garage remote 

Know what the remote looks like but not sure of the brand? Have a look through our selection of all garage remotes. This page has every popular remote we stock. There is two pages to get through but if you need the right remote, take the time. This page also has all the common brands up the top, if you recognise a brand or logo click through to just see the selection for that particular brand.


All Garage Remote Brands


Can’t find what you need?

If you’re still stuck at this point give us a call or email. You can find our contact page here. If you send us a photo there is a good chance we will know exactly what it is. We are the garage remote experts so should be able to ID the remote with ease. Get in touch and we will help you out and have an email back to you within a day.


Get In Touch


As always, happy clicking!

Car Key Safe for Surfers who need to protect their Valuables

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Car key safe for surfers is a fantastic solution for preventing your valuables from being stolen while you surf. We all have our own secrets for keeping our car keys safe but there is always an element of risk when you try to hide it somewhere. Avoid the hassle and risk by getting yourself a car key safe from Remote Warehouse.

Car key safe for surfers

Car key safe for surfers available in New Zealand

Thieves are always thinking about every little trick that could be used to break into your car. Here are some things to avoid when you go out surfing.

  1. Avoid secluded parking spots.
  2. Avoid storing plenty of gear in your vehicle.
  3. If your vehicle has a removable top, make sure you secure it!
  4. Avoid hiding your key on your vehicle (e.g. on the top of you tires).

Taking into consideration these tips will help you avoid being an easy target for car thieves. A key safe box is a great solution to safely secure your car keys while you surf. We stock the Sesamee Key locks range which is a fantastic option to securing your car keys.

car key safe for surfers

What is a Sesamee Key Safe Box?

A key safe box is a Storage Security Padlock which uses a 4 digit combination to secure your car keys. You can secure the padlock onto your vehicles tow bar or lock it onto a metal pole close to where you surf. These key safe boxes are incredibly durable as they are built with a metal construction. Key safe boxes are also weather resistant and designed to prevent scratching.

car key safe for surfers

A key safe box is perfect for Surfers and Property Owners 

Purchase a Sesamee key box and select who can access your property. If you have children who are coming home from school, you don't have to take the risk of them losing the house keys at school! Use a safe key box and keep your keys near the house.

You can also use a safe key box for your office for when the cleaners come at the end of the day. This will give you the security of knowing exactly where your extra set of keys are. Sesamee Key Safe boxes are incredibly versatile!

car key safe for surfers

Purchase your Key Safe from Remote Warehouse today 

Enjoy the comfort of having your keys safe and secure when you leave your vehicle or property. Purchase your Sesamee Key Safe boxes today! Please feel free to contact our team using our quick contact form or call 09-632-1254 if you have any enquires.

You can also follow our Facebook and Google Plus pages to receive the latest news and updates from The Remote Warehouse team.

Automatic Garage Door Opener Remote available in New Zealand

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Automatic garage door opener remote available from the Remote Warehouse online store. We are your go to team for all things remote. Read about our automatic garage door opener remote range in our blog. 


Automatic Garage Door Opener Remote Advice Available

When you choose Remote Warehouse as your remote or motor supplier, you will be working with an experienced team who know exactly what they are talking about. Our passion for garages and remotes are second to none and we are not afraid to admit it! We want to make the process of finding a garage door opener very easy for you.

Please feel free to contact our team for any enquires regarding your electric remotes. One of our members will use their extensive knowledge and experience to find the right solution for you.

Huge Range of Automatic Garage Door Opener Remotes

Our garage door remotes include ATA Garage Door Remotes, B&D Garador Door Remotes, Chamberlain Garage Door Remotes, Dominator Garage Door Remotes, Garador Garage Door Remotes, Guardian Garage Door Remotes, and Merlin Garage Door Remotes.


Read what our customers had to say

Check out some of our Facebook reviews below:

Remote arrived really quick and really easy, under a minute set up! Fully recommend!
It was very easy to order the correct door opener. Quick service and contact. Highly recommend!!!!
Great service, Received remotes today and all are working perfectly. Thank you for the great service.
Best service ever. Ordered after 4 pm yesterday, received remote today. Congrats you guys.

As you can you see, customers who have used Remote Warehouse in the past have been very happy with our overall service. Our team take customer service very seriously here at the Remote Warehouse. We want to help you find the best solution for your garage or gate.


Talk to the Remote Warehouse Team

Remotes can be a little tricky sometimes but that is why our team are here to answer your questions! Feel free to give our team a call or fill out our online quick enquiry form and one of our members will get back to you as soon as possible.

You can also follow our Facebook and Google Plus pages to receive the latest news and updates from The Remote Warehouse team.

Garage remote fob keys provide greater convenience and security

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Garage remote fob keys are a game changer for anyone who has been using manual methods to locking or unlocking their garage, gate, or car. Learn about how a remote key fob improves security and adds a huge amount of convenience to your life.

Garage remote fob

What is a garage remote key fob?

A garage remote fob is a small remote security device which allows anyone to use a keyless entry system at their home or office. These garage remote key fobs are similar in size to any keychain you would carry with you. The old fashioned manual way of opening anything feels like a pain once you start using a remote key fob for your garage, car, or gate.

How does a garage remote key fob work?

Key fobs use sophisticated radio technology which ensures top of the line security. An owner will need to first sync up their key fob with their garage, car, or gate via some programming. You'll also need to have the correct technology already installed for your garage, car or gate to work with your remote control fob. Please feel free to talk to our team regarding any questions you may have.

garage remote fob

The benefits of garage remote key fobs for automatic entry

Your life will be far easier once you start using garage key fobs. Remote key fobs aren't just for garages, the technology has evolved to the point to where you can now have you car automatically lock or unlock depending on the distance you are to your car. These key fobs are often known as smart keys and provide many benefits such as increased safety and customisation options.

The Remote Warehouse specialises in garage, gate and car remotes. We are New Zealand's largest garage remote shop. Merlin, Dominator, Chamberlain, and Guardian remotes are just some of the brands we have available at our website. We also have car remotes for many makes and models of cars such as Ford, Nissan, or Toyota.

Garage remote fob

Automate your garage doors with a garage remote fob

Manually opening your garage door is a thing of the past. How many times have you wished it wasn't raining because you had to run out and physically open your garage door? We have installation packages available for you to make the switch to garage door motors. Talk to our team for any advice for what could be the best option for you.

You can also follow our Facebook or Google Plus pages to receive the latest news and updates from The Remote Warehouse team.

Garage door motor replacement and installation systems in New Zealand

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Garage door motor systems available in New Zealand for replacing or updating your old garage door openers. The Remote Warehouse is the largest supplier of garage products in New Zealand. Have you heard about our installation service for garage door motors? Read our blog post to learn more.

Garage Door motor

We've made it easy for you to find Garage door motor systems

We've made it very easy for our customers to find the right garage door motor systems. Our garage door motor products and services have been broken down into 4 main categories for your convenience:
  1. Garage Door Motor with full installation.
  2. Garage Door opener roller doors.
  3. Garage door remotes.
  4. Garage opener Titla/sectional doors. 
If you can't find what you're looking for, please feel free to contact our team to make any enquiries. 

    We have garage door remotes for your older garage motors

    We receive many enquires from people who need garage door remotes that are compatible with their older garage door motors. There are quite a few solutions which can help you. Some older garage door remotes can be replaced with newer models such as the M800 and 2100 remotes. Due to this common enquiry, we created a dedicated blog post to help people learn more.

    Take advantage of our Garage door motor installation service

    The Remote Warehouse have technician teams in Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch. We only work with highly trained professionals as a result you can be confident the installation service will be to the highest of standards.

    We have full service garage door motor packages which include an installation service and we can also take care of programming upgrades for your garage remotes. Just select an installation package if you require assistance from one of our team members. Feel free to send our team a quick enquiry if you have any questions.

    Call the Remote warehouse team at 09-632-1254 to make a direct enquiry. You can also follow our Facebook or Google Plus pages to receive the latest news and updates from The Remote Warehouse team.

    Garage Door Remote Replacement Products in New Zealand

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    Garage door remote replacement made easy with our team of remote experts. Looking for a garage door remote replacement in New Zealand? We are New Zealand's largest garage remote shop. What separates us from everyone else is that our team of experts are very passionate about what they do. Not many people can say they are very proud to live and breathe remotes and all things that click.

    Garage Door Remote Replacement

    Huge Range of Garage Door Remote Replacement Brands

    We're committed to bringing the best brands of garage remotes to New Zealand. We carry the latest models which assures that our customers are getting the very best garage remotes available. Are you looking for a garage door remote replacement for an older model? No problem, we also stock older models of garage remotes for brands such as Dominator, Merlin, ATA, Parker, Guardian, and Tilt-a-matic.

    Garage Door Remote Replacement Made Easy!

    We promise a very quick buying process for our customers! Order the remote replacement that you need and we'll have it shipped anywhere in New Zealand. Take advantage of our special delivery offer. When you spend NZ $40.00 or more you'll receive free 1-2 day working day delivery. Please don't hesitate to ask our team if you're not sure about which model to buy, we are here to help you.

    Garage Door Remote Replacement

    Garage Door Remote Replacement Support and Advice available

    Our excellent team have great experience with garage door remotes, we're specialists in this field. In some cases a repair option is a more suitable versus buying a new replacement, we can provide a garage remote repair service for just NZ $50.00. If we're unable to repair your remote we will provide a full refund and suggest a correct remote replacement.

    View our products or talk to our team by using the quick enquiry form or give us a call at 09-632-1254. 

    Follow us on Facebook to receive our latest news and updates.


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