How Do I Program My Garage Remote?

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How To Program Your Garage Remote

This is something we get a lot of call for, so we've created the guide for how to program your new remote. Everyone wants to know how they can install their new garage remote, whether they purchased it off us or not. Most remotes should be able to be programmed easily within 1-2 minutes. If it is taking longer you have probably selected the wrong remote and need to get in touch via email with our support team here.

Firstly, all remotes purchased from the Remote Warehouse will come with full programming instructions. This means when you receive your garage remote via courier it will have everything with it ready to program it straight into your garage door motor.

Below we will go over the programming instructions for some of our most popular remotes. The Dominator PTX5, Tiltamatic TRV300, Guardian 22320L, Merlin C945 Plus and the Merlin M842 & M832. 


Garage Remote Programming Instructions:


The Dominator PTX5 Programming Instructions:

1. Press and hold down the 'door code' / 'code set' button on the opener for gates or 'sw1 / sw1' button on garages.

2. Press the transmitter button you would like to use on the remote for two seconds

3. Release and pause for two seconds. Press the same button for two more seconds.

4. Release the door code or Sw button

5. The remote should work the garage motor

Tiltamatic Remote

 The Tiltamatic TRV300 Programming Instructions:

1. Open your existing remote, or take the garage motor cover off, also open your new remote

2. See the switches on the current remote or motor 

3. Copy this combination onto your new remote

4. Test on door


Guardian Garage Remote Programming Instructions:

1. On the back panel of the motor locate the 'radio set' button

2. Press and release the button once

3. Press the desired button on your new remote

4. Test the remote


Merlin M842 & M832 Remote Programming:

1. Locate the 'learn' button

2 Press and hold the learn button

3. Press the larger button on the new remote, followed by the smaller button

4. Test the remote


Merlin + C945 Remote Programming:

1. Hold down any button on the remote

2. Locate the 'learn' button

3. Still holding the remote button, push and release the learn button on the motor / reciever box

4. Release the button on the remote

5. Test


If you have purchased your remote from us and still need assistance. Please get in touch and we will help you with your issue. Get in touch with us here.




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Tim Weight
Tim Weight

June 15, 2017

No instructions for Garador units

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