Merlin garage door remote not working

If your Merlin Garage Door Remote has stopped working, this blog post article will help you.  Here we share The Remote Warehouse Tech Team's trouble shooting guide we take all our customers through when they find their Garage Door Remote has stopped working. 

The Remote Warehouse's Trouble Shoot checklist:  

  1. Remote Battery - The very first thing we advise is to check if the battery needs to be replaced. Make sure you use long lasting, high quality garage door remote batteries.  Visit our Batteries page here to purchase a new battery for your remote.                           
  2. Remote Signal - Make sure there is nothing in the way that is blocking the Remote signal from opening the Garage Door. 
  3. Garage Door Opener power source - Your Garage Door Opener motor power source could have been turned off or disrupted. You'll need to make sure the Garage Door Opener Motor unit is plugged in to the power. You may require an electrician to inspect the circuit breaker, fuse or GFCI.
  4. Garage Door Opener Motor malfunction - Sometimes it can just be a simple restart of the Garage Motor unit (Turn the Motor off at the power source, leave for 30 secs before switching on again) that can restore things back to normal function.
  5. Garage Remote/s Reset - Sometimes in the event of a power cut or malfunction your Remote can be disrupted & need to be reprogrammed in order to restore transmission of signal between Remote & Garage Door.  If your Remote is new, check through the instructions that came with it or contact the company you purchased from for their instruction guide.  You can also find reprogramming instructions in your original Garage Door Motor booklet.
  6. Wall Button Switch - If you have a hard wired Wall Button Switch you will need to check it still opens & closes your Garage Door.  This will isolate if it is just a problem with your Garage Remote or if the problem is with your Garage Door Motor.
  7. Other Garage Door Remotes - If you have other Garage Remotes operating the same Garage Door you will need to check if it is just the one Remote or all of the Remotes that have stopped working.  If all Remotes have stopped working then it is most likely a problem with your Garage Door Motor & you will need to contact a Local Garage Door Serviceman in your area.  If it is just one Remote not working this points towards the Remote being the problem.


    After going through our checklist and finding your Garage Door Remote still will not work then your best option would be to purchase a new replacement Remote.  Unsure of what replacement Garage Door Remote you need?... Take a look at our blog article What Garage Remote Do I Need? or talk to us directly through the Live Chat on our website, or Contact Us here and we will help you.


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