Merlin garage door remote not working

Posted on April 25, 2016 by Tech Support | 3 comments

If your Merlin garage door remote has stopped working, this blog post article will help you. The most common explanations and solutions are generally straightforward to work out.

Below we have the most common reasons for a merlin garage door remote to stop working. We also recommend you read and check the merlin garage door remote manual or contact your local professional.

Merlin garage remote repair service Merlin garage door remote battery 4LR44

Merlin garage door remote does not open your garage door

  1. Faulty Merlin garage door remote battery. Our first advice is to check if the battery needs to be replaced. Make sure you use long lasting, high quality garage door remote batteries.  Visit our garage door and car door remote batteries page here.
  2. Check how to program your Merlin garage door remote. Make sure you read our how to program merlin garage door remote
  3. Is your Merlin garage door remote damaged? If you think the garage door remote is damaged we can repair it and replace the Merlin garage door remote shell or advise a garage door remote replacement.
  4. Check the power source for the Merlin garage door opener. The power source could have been turned off or disrupted. You'll need to make sure the Merlin garage door opener motor unit is plugged in to the power. You may require an electrician to inspect the circuit breaker, fuse or GFCI.
  5. Check there is no malfunction with the Merlin garage door opener motor or garage door.

Merlin garage remote 2.0 e950m Merlin garage remote aftermarket m842 or m832

Merlin garage remote m800 Merlin garage remote m802 blue

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There's a good reason why Merlin garage door remotes are our biggest range: they're made by Chamberlain Group - the world's largest manufacturer of automatic garage openers. And as an industry leader in garage door remote design? There's no way we couldn't carry some of their best garage remotes.

With production on the scale, and spanning such a length of time, as Merlin, there's bound to be more than a few misplaced or broken Merlin garage door remotes out there. But whether it's an old favourite showing its age or a new system, with our range of garage door remote replacements you can continue to use your Merlin system well into the future.

Our range covers models made from the late 1980's until current. If you have an older Merlin remote that is a model M1000, M2000, M2500L or M4000 that needs cloning but you no longer have a working remote, please refer to our Merlin receiver kit.

For our latest updates and helpful tips about merlin garage door remotes check out our Remote Warehouse Facebook page here.

The Remote Warehouse stock a wide range of merlin garage door remote, car remotes, garage door opener remotes and key lock boxes.

If you need any technical help or have any questions about any of our garage door remotes, use our contact form to send us an email here...

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3 Responses

Leon Kearns
Leon Kearns

February 25, 2017

My model 2500 p Merlin garage door remote is faulty.Works some of the time.Are Hybrids available?

Jeff Barksdale
Jeff Barksdale

February 08, 2017

Having a working garage door remote is very important to me. I hate having to get out of my car to open the garage door.

John Huf
John Huf

December 02, 2016

Remotes stopped working on both doors a few days ago. I changed batteries. Still did not work. I reset the remotes. All worked. Next day none worked. I pressed manual button on both, then all remotes worked. Next day no remotes worked. This time I switched off the power to each for 15 seconds and then back on. All remotes worked. Next day no remotes worked and I had to use the manual button again. I got electrician to check power supply. He reported that power to the house and to each power outlet were fine. What do i do next to solve the problem?

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