Garage door handle replacement for Tilta Garage Doors

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Our guide to garage door handle replacement and Tee Handle locks in NZ. Everything you need to know from purchase to fitting. Buy Online Now!

Garage door handle replacement solutions.

We realise many of you out there are using mechanical locking solutions to secure your garage door. That's absolutely fine! They do the job, are easy to swap over and install, and are secure, using a key locking system.

At The Remote Warehouse we still stock a full range of these locks, and we won't be getting rid of them any time soon. This article is to give you some insight into Tilta Door Locks, how they work, how they are fitted, and what different options we have for purchase.

Available to buy are metal and black plastic tee handles. What option you choose is completely up to you. It is dependent on your security requirements, and your budget. The metal versions are a high quality, well made option, sourced from Lock Focus in Australia.

Our black plastic handles are also of a good quality and product lines come with a twelve month warranty.

Examples of the different materials:

 garage door handle replacementgarage door handle replacement

Your next decision is to decide if you want a front fixing tee handle or a rear fixing tee handle.

Examples of the different fixings:

garage door handle replacementgarage door handle replacement

You can see one screws through the front (through fixing), the other screws in through the rear (concealed fixing).

This is purely dependent on if you want your screws/fixings exposed or hidden. If you are replacing an existing lock all you need to do is simply match what fitting you are currently using, then decide if you want the plastic or metal finish on your new handle.

For the readers who currently have no lock on their door or your unit is completely rusted and unusable we sell a complete Tilta Door Locking Set which provides everything you need to lock your door.

Please click on the image below to be taken to this kit.

garage door handle replacement

We offer a FREE 1-2 day delivery service on all orders over the value of $40.

For more information about our latest tips and offers check out our Remote Warehouse Facebook page here.

The Remote Warehouse stock a wide range of Tee Handle locks and garage door opener remotes for all major brands.

If you need any technical help or have any questions about any of our garage door remotes, use our contact form to send us an email - Contact The Remote Warehouse Here.

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