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Posted on May 25, 2016 by Tech Support | 3 comments

Buy replacement Tiltamatic garage door remotes online!  We sell the AHI Tiltamatic (Tilt-A-Matic) garage door remotes. Ask our help desk today for free expert advice.

Does your Tiltamatic garage door remote look like the below image?

Old Tilt-A-Matic garage door remotes blue button nz

If yes you need to buy the Tiltamatic garage door remote here below

New AHI Tiltamatic garage door remotes red button nz

This Tiltamatic garage door opener remote works with the models TRG306, TR300, TRV300, TRG300, TRG107, CS331.

The Tiltamatic (Tilt-A-Matic) brand garage door opener remotes were originally manufactured in the late 1980's through to the mid 1990's.

All the Tiltamatic Garage Door Openers were made to a very high standard. We sell a lot of replacement and spare garage door remotes for the Tiltamatic brand.

Order now and get FREE NZ DELIVERY!

The Tiltamatic garage remotes use a dip-switch configuration. When you receive your parcel it will come with easy to follow instructions on how to configure and match the dip-switches.

All the Tiltamatic Garage Door Opener units operate on the same model of remote. You can be assured buying this product that it will work on your unit regardless of age.

PLEASE NOTE - This Blog post refers to the high quality and compatible after-market remote in the 2nd picture that will replace the old Tiltamatic remote model. Also refer to the Tiltamatic collection page here...

Tiltamatic Garage Door Remote Features:

  1. Existing AHI Tilt-A-Matic / Tiltamatic / Hill-O-Matic garage door remote should be a large black case with 1 blue button
  2. Works for Tiltamatic Garage Door Opener models: TRG306, TR300, TRV300, TRG300, TRG107, CS331 and more
  3. Remote control 8 Dip switch configuration
  4. Keyring size (key-rings not included)
  5. Frequency: 302-303 MHz

Tiltamatic Garage Door Remote Includes:

  1. Free battery
  2. Easy programming instructions
  3. Use the same settings from the old remote
  4. 12 month product warranty
  5. The Remote Warehouse Product Code #: TOM-01
  • Buy 2 Tiltamatic garage door remotes for a 5% discount

  • Buy 3 Tiltamatic garage door remotes for a 10% discount

  • Buy 5 Tiltamatic garage door remotes for a 15% discount

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The Remote Warehouse stock a wide range of garage door remotes, car remotes and key lock boxes.

If you need any technical help or have any questions about any of our garage door and car door remotes, use our contact form to send us an email here...

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3 Responses

Ron Dawson
Ron Dawson

January 25, 2017

Hello, our garage door opener has been lost, we have a Tilt-a-MaticTR 300. Can you program a remote and I change the dip switches, or what other options are available, thanks.

Mandy Train
Mandy Train

December 12, 2016

Tiltamatic garage door – can I order two please. Are they on line (didn’t see them :-) thank you.

costel novac
costel novac

November 12, 2016

would you have in stock 8052 electronic board forTVR-300.please reply to me asap.Regards.

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