How to replace old & obsolete AHI Tilt-A-Matic garage door remotes

AHI & Tiltamatic branded Garage Door Openers were originally manufactured from the late 1980's to the mid 1990's & made to a very high standard which is why they have lasted so long.  The accompanying Tiltamatic & AHI TRV-300 Tilt-A-Matic branded Garage Door Remotes for these openers (shown above) were rather large handheld devices which included a removeable sun visor attachment (which you may or may not still have attached) & used the at the time revolutionary dipswitch system to programme the remote to the Garage Door Opener.   

Garage Door Remote technology has long since moved on from the 1980's dipswitch system & most remotes that used this have long since ceased production. Which may leave you wondering well what do I do now, my garage door opener still works but if I can't get a remote its useless.  Luckily there are still a couple of great compatible options available to replace your old remote.  To help you decide which one will be best suited for your needs we've compiled a brief guide on each.


Modern Compatible Dipswitch Remotes

Remote Warehouse's compatible version of the original AHI Tiltamatic Remote is  a much smaller, compact, single button remote that fits on your key ring (shown below).  It has been specifically manufactured to replace many obsolete genuine branded Dipswitch remotes that are no longer manufactured by the original company & is a great cost effective option to replace the large bulky original remotes.

Easily programmed with or without an original remote. So no need to worry if you have lost your old remote! 

Programming involves opening up the back of the new remote (shown below) & opening up either the back of your original remote or your Garage Door Opener's motor where you will find a set of 8 small dipswitches.  They will be arranged in a unique pattern (with each dipswitch in an up or down position).  This pattern needs to be arranged exactly the same in each new remote to match the pattern inside your Garage Door Opener's motor & the pattern inside any original remote/s you still have. It is as simple as that & once done your new remote is programmed & will immediately work to open & close your Garage Door Opener (full detailed instructions are included with purchase).

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Latest Technology Code Copying Remotes

Exclusive to Remote Warehouse is the Italian manufactured & designed IRIS remote from Italfile which is equipped with the latest code copying technology. This is a premium quality remote with the long lasting superior reliability you would come to expect from Italian made.   

The IRIS remote requires an existing working AHI or Tiltamatic remote to copy the code from. 

Provided you have a working remote that is currently operating your AHI or Tiltamatic Garage Door Opener, this IRIS remote will work. The beauty of the IRIS code copying remote is you won't have to open up any remotes or open up your Garage Door Opener's motor to change dipswitches over. Instead a simple easy to follow procedure (instructions are included with purchase) by placing the old original remote in a specific position with the new IRIS remote to capture the code/signal & save it onto the new IRIS remote.  Once done both your new IRIS remote & any old original working remotes you have will continue to work alongside each other to open & close your Garage Door.  

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