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Buy replacement Tiltamatic garage door remotes online!  We sell the AHI Tiltamatic (Tilt-A-Matic) garage door remotes. Contact us here for free expert advice or click on any of the below 3 photos for more information.

Does your Tiltamatic garage door remote look like any of the below images?


If yes you need to buy the replacement AHI Tiltamatic garage door remote below:

This Tiltamatic garage door opener remote works with the models TRG306, TR300, TRV300, TRG300, TRG107, CS331 & more.

The Tiltamatic (Tilt-A-Matic) brand garage door opener remotes were originally manufactured in the late 1980's through to the mid 1990's.

All the Tiltamatic Garage Door Openers were made to a very high standard which is why they have lasted so long.  Although now obsolete & no longer sold, we can offer a quality & compact keyring size solution to replace your old, broken or lost AHI & Tiltamatic garage door remotes.

Order now and get FREE NZ DELIVERY!

The original Tiltamatic garage remotes use a dip-switch configuration. When you receive your parcel it will come with easy to follow instructions on how to configure the dip-switches on your new remote to match your old remote. This means both your new & any old remotes you have will still work alongside each other to open & close your garage door.

All the Tiltamatic Garage Door Opener units operate on the same model of remote. You can be assured buying this product that it will work on your unit regardless of age.

PLEASE NOTE - This Blog post refers to the high quality and compatible after-market remote in the 3rd picture that will replace the old original Tiltamatic remote models. Also refer to the full Tiltamatic collection page here

New Replacement Tiltamatic Garage Door Remote Features:

  1. Replaces & upgrades AHI Tilt-A-Matic / Tiltamatic garage door remotes
  2. Works alongside all existing working AHI Tilt-A-Matic / Tiltamatic remotes
  3. Works for Tiltamatic Garage Door Opener models: TRG306, TR300, TRV300, TRG300, TRG107, CS331 and more
  4. Remote control 8 Dip switch configuration
  5. A tough, compact keyring size remote 
  6. Frequency: 302-303 MHz
  7. Free Keyring clip

Shop with confidence at The Remote Warehouse:

  1. New Zealand Owned & Operated
  2. Free Shipping NZ Wide (1-2 working day delivery)
  3. 12 month product warranty (All Keypads, Remotes & Wall Buttons)
  4. Full easy to follow DIY programming instructions included
  5. Free follow up Tech Help if required (Phone, Email, Live Chat)
  6. Free Battery included (All Keypads, Remotes, Wall Buttons)

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