Old hard to find Garage Door Opener Remote Controls

Remote Warehouse is New Zealand’s largest online retail store of Garage & Gate Remote Controls.  We stock over 300 different varieties across all brands, from ACDC to Windsor, genuine to compatible, remotes over 40 years old to the very latest remote models. We understand the sheer volume of remote control options available can make your search seem rather daunting. Especially if you have an older hard to find Garage Door or Gate Remote, but we cannot stress enough how important it is to select the correct remote for your particular brand & model of Garage Door Opener. A common mistake we see people make is to think they only need to match the frequency of their current remote. While this is important it doesn't mean that any remote with the same frequency will work with your Garage Door or Gate Opener. If you consider how many different brands & models of Garage Door & Gate Openers there have been over the last 30 or more years, all developing & improving on their own unique technology to keep your home secure it will give you some idea of how many variables there can be.

Below is our brief guide to help you decipher some of the options available for those with old, hard to find or obsolete remote controls & spoiler alert: despite what you may have been told, no you don’t have to go out & buy a whole new Garage Door Opener!!!

Original Remotes

For some older remotes the original is still in production which is amazing & means you can replace your original remote with exactly the same remote!

A good example that springs to mind is the Merlin M802 (Shown below on our website) which began life in 1996 & is still being manufactured today almost 30 years on.

Updated Genuine Branded Remotes

For the majority of remote models around 5-10 years old, the original manufacturer has updated it with a newer model which may look very different from the remote in your hand. On the one hand this is a good thing that the manufacturer is still supporting their old remote’s & systems but on the other hand it poses a problem when you are scouring the internet for the remote you have which has since been discontinued. To make your search easier, we at Remote Warehouse provide active product listings for all old/obsolete/discontinued remote models so you can still easily find the remote that looks like your original one. Once in that product listing it will clearly show & tell you what your new updated remote will look like & you can directly order through that to receive the correct updated remote model.

A great example of this is the ATA TX5 (Shown below on our website) which has now been replaced with the updated & completely different looking ATA PTX-4. 

Compatible Aftermarket Remotes

With many of the really old remotes you will find technology has moved on & the original manufacturer has chosen to no longer support or provide an updated replacement option or the company itself is no longer in operation. In these instances we will recommend a Compatible or Aftermarket Remote option for you.  The terms Compatible & Aftermarket simply mean the remote is not a Genuine Branded item. It has been made by a different manufacturer to suit or act as an alternative replacement for your original branded Remote. Quality varies amongst Compatible & Aftermarket Remotes & this dictates the price you pay but a general rule is they will always be priced more competitively than the Original Genuine Branded remote control.

One of the best examples of this is the Tilt-A-Matic (Shown below on our website) which has now been replaced with Remote Warehouse's Tilt-A-Matic Compatible Aftermarket Remote.

Code Copying Remotes

Another option we may suggest is a code copying remote. Often known as a Face To Face Remote or a Universal Remote these remote’s come in varying degrees of quality & reliability. Our preferred brand is the Italfile range Here which offer a 2 button (IRIS) or 4 button (PRIME) option.  Italian designed & made & at the forefront of the latest access control technology developments, this is our recommendation for longevity & reliability.  Italfile remotes are able to replace many old obsolete &/or hard to find models & also many of the newer model remotes.  They offer customers the ability to have their old garage door opener remote combined with their new Gate opener or vice versa. The only barrier being you will still need a working remote from each access point (garage door, gate etc) that you wish to open so you can copy the code from those onto the Italfile remote.

One of the best examples where we offer an Italfile code copying remote as a replacement for an old & obsolete remote control is the Dominator ADS (Shown below on our website).

Add On Receiver Kits

In some instances there will be cases where none of the above replacement remote options discussed are suitable or made for your particular rare, old or obsolete remote. In these circumstances there are 2 more options available to you - Purchase a brand new Garage Door Opener Motor (costing upwards of $1000 installed) Or Install an Add on Receiver Kit ($189 & install yourself with full instructions & tech help provided).

An Add on Receiver Kit is a cost effective solution when your Garage Door Opener is still working manually but the receiver inside that receives the remote control's signal is no longer working or you have a very old but still working Garage Door Opener but no remote controls for it & there are no longer remotes available to purchase for it.  

A good example where there are no longer any replacement remote options available so an Add On Receiver Kit Upgrade is recommended by us is the Easylifter 27.145MHz remote (Shown below on our website) which if purchased would be replaced with Remote Warehouse's Receiver Kit.

We also provide a range of dedicated Add On Receiver Kit Upgrade solutions for a range of specific common discontinued remote controls Here

Further help is available

Replacing an older or hard to find rare remote can be confusing & not always as straightforward as you'd imagined when you first began searching.  If you need any help or advice on the best way forward we recommend speaking to a member of our team in the first instance. You’ll receive expert guidance from remote control specialists, making the whole process as smooth as possible.

We offer a wide range of garage door remotes in NZ, from ATA garage door remotes to B&D and other respected brands. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for expert guidance and explore our comprehensive range of (brand-specific) garage door & Gate remotes today. We offer free shipping on all purchases to our valued New Zealand customers.

Explore all remotes, or contact us today to discover the best replacement garage door remote for your system.

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