Old hard to find garage door opener remotes

This is our guide to sourcing an old garage door opener remote hard to find for obsolete garage door openers.

We stock a huge range of remotes which service motors up to 30 years old. Old remote brands that we can supply remotes for include tiltamatic, parker, windsor, merlin, ata, elsema, dominator, gibidi, gliderol and more.

If we can't find the remote you are looking for, we do still have solutions, we stock a range of garage door receiver kits that you can add on to your existing motor to get it functioning again with a new remote.

If you can't find what you are looking for or require more help please don't hesitate to contact us at support@remotewarehouse.co.nz.

Old garage door opener remotes for Tiltamatic, Parker and Windsor brands

These remotes are still incredibly common and this is a testament to the quality of the garage door openers. With these openers generally a replacement remote is sufficient as the unit itself is generally in perfect working order.

We have replacement remotes for all of these models available ex stock, please see the pictures below to identify the correct model for your unit.

old garage door opener remoteTiltamatic garage remote old garage door opener remoteold garage door opener remote

Obsolete ATA and Elsema old garage door opener remote

With old style Elsema and ATA remotes we have two different styles. The first of these varieties is the common ATA GDO2 style remotes and the Elsema FMT style remotes.

Both of these remotes can be replaced by an easy to program dipswitch remote. The next variety is the older ATA TX4A remote, this model is now replaced by a receiver board which comes with brand new PTX5 style remote. This receiver board can be added to any old style ATA opener to allow it to be programmed with brand new remotes.

ATA GDO2 remoteElsema Garage RemoteTX4A remote

Old garage door opener remote for Merlin garage doors

We have many different solutions for older and hard to find Merlin remotes. Some remotes are replaceable by current models such as the M800 and 2100 remotes, these are replaced by the M802 blue merlin visor remote.

Other models such as the M2500L, M1000 and M2000 powerlift models we can replace by cloning an existing remote which is still in working condition.

If no remaining remotes are working on a Merlin opener we have an easy to install receiver kit, this kit comes with one new style Merlin m842 remote and comes ready to plug straight into your garage motor.

Merlin 2100 remoteMerlin Powerlift 2500L remote

Garage Door Receiver Kit Unit

We have specific door receiver kits for Merlin and ATA models, so if you have one of these remotes please purchase the correct receiver kit for your model.

With all other garage openers if we have exhausted all our options and can't find a suitable remote we have a receiver kit available.

This kit needs to be wired into your motor and will take some DIY skill. The kit comes with full instructions and two remotes.

old garage door opener remote

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