Car Key Safe for Surfers who need to protect their Valuables

Car key safe for surfers is a fantastic solution for preventing your valuables from being stolen while you surf. We all have our own secrets for keeping our car keys safe but there is always an element of risk when you try to hide it somewhere. Avoid the hassle and risk by getting yourself a car key safe from Remote Warehouse.

Car key safe for surfers

Car key safe for surfers available in New Zealand

Thieves are always thinking about every little trick that could be used to break into your car. Here are some things to avoid when you go out surfing.

  1. Avoid secluded parking spots.
  2. Avoid storing plenty of gear in your vehicle.
  3. If your vehicle has a removable top, make sure you secure it!
  4. Avoid hiding your key on your vehicle (e.g. on the top of you tires).

Taking into consideration these tips will help you avoid being an easy target for car thieves. A key safe box is a great solution to safely secure your car keys while you surf. We stock the Sesamee Key locks range which is a fantastic option to securing your car keys.

car key safe for surfers

What is a Sesamee Key Safe Box?

A key safe box is a Storage Security Padlock which uses a 4 digit combination to secure your car keys. You can secure the padlock onto your vehicles tow bar or lock it onto a metal pole close to where you surf. These key safe boxes are incredibly durable as they are built with a metal construction. Key safe boxes are also weather resistant and designed to prevent scratching.

car key safe for surfers

A key safe box is perfect for Surfers and Property Owners 

Purchase a Sesamee key box and select who can access your property. If you have children who are coming home from school, you don't have to take the risk of them losing the house keys at school! Use a safe key box and keep your keys near the house.

You can also use a safe key box for your office for when the cleaners come at the end of the day. This will give you the security of knowing exactly where your extra set of keys are. Sesamee Key Safe boxes are incredibly versatile!

car key safe for surfers

Purchase your Key Safe from Remote Warehouse today 

Enjoy the comfort of having your keys safe and secure when you leave your vehicle or property. Purchase your Sesamee Key Safe boxes today! Please feel free to contact our team using our quick contact form or call 0800 BUY REMOTE if you have any enquires.

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