What Garage Remote Do I Need?

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What garage remote suits your opener?


We know this is a tricky one. You may not know the brand or model number, but there are other ways we can help. This is our guide to finding the right garage remote to suit your motor. We have New Zealand's largest range of garage remotes so should have something to suit. If you the guide below isn't any assistance give us a call on 09 283 0027 and we'll talk you through the process.


Brand of garage motor or remote 

Probably a good place to start if you have the right information. We have all our popular brands on the front page of the home page of remote warehouse. Have a look on this main page? Can you see your brand? If you can click in and have a look at the selection of remotes under each brand, you should see your remote here.


Popular Garage Remote Brands


Appearance of garage remote 

Know what the remote looks like but not sure of the brand? Have a look through our selection of all garage remotes. This page has every popular remote we stock. There is two pages to get through but if you need the right remote, take the time. This page also has all the common brands up the top, if you recognise a brand or logo click through to just see the selection for that particular brand.


All Garage Remote Brands


Can’t find what you need?

If you’re still stuck at this point give us a call or email. You can find our contact page here. If you send us a photo there is a good chance we will know exactly what it is. We are the garage remote experts so should be able to ID the remote with ease. Get in touch and we will help you out and have an email back to you within a day.


Get In Touch


As always, happy clicking!



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