How do I stop my Garage door opening randomly on its own?

Garage Door opening randomly?  Its an uneasy feeling when your Garage Door starts randomly opening at strange times of the day & night.  The last thing you want is to arrive home to find your Garage Door has randomly opened while you were out.  We expose the likely culprits behind this strange phenomenon & show you how to solve it. 

1. Garage Door Remote: 

The number one culprit for your Garage Door opening randomly is your Garage Door Remote.  It also happens to be the easiest & cheapest fix out of the three possibilities. 

A) Have a quick look over all your Garage Door Remotes.  Are the buttons clean & free from debris?  Are any of the buttons are stuck in the 'pushed' in position? Having the buttons stuck in the pushed in position can lead to a confused signal with the Remote trying to open & close the Garage Door all the time.  Give all your remotes a good wipe over to make sure there's nothing stuck in or around the buttons too that can cause this.  If your Remote is old & the buttons keep getting stuck in this position it might be worth replacing the Remote.  Take a look at The Remote Warehouse's range of all Remotes Here, or check out our handy guide What Garage Remote Do I need to help you select the correct Replacement Remote to work with your Garage Door or Gate.   

B) When was the last time you replaced the battery in your Remote/s?  Try changing the battery in each Remote to see if this makes a difference.  You can purchase Batteries Here for your Garage Door Remotes.

2. Garage Door: 

The number two reason for your Garage Door opening randomly is your Garage Door itself or to be more exact the Safety Sensors on it. All Garage Doors manufactured after 1993 incorporated Safety Sensors which enabled it to 'sense' if the descending door hit an object.  If the door hit an object the sensors would relay this to the motor & the door would ascend back up to prevent the object or effectively the person or animal from being crushed by the door.

A) With this in mind have a thorough check around your Garage Door & the door tracks to make sure there is nothing in the way blocking it from closing.  Some doors are more sensitive than others, so anything no matter how small you think is potentially in the way of the closing door should be moved. 

B) Also check the condition of the Garage Door tracks as if they are bumped or bent, this can misalign or damage the Safety Sensors & cause the Door to randomly open also.

3. Garage Door Motor: 

The number three reason your Garage Door is opening randomly is your Garage Door Motor.  Unfortunately this also happens to be the most expensive & technical problem requiring an expert to fix it.

A) Electrical surges, stormy weather can disrupt and damage the circuit/logic board or short circuit wiring in your Garage Door Motor effectively causing it to send the wrong signals to your Garage Door. In this case we suggest hiring a Garage Door Specialist or Electrician to identify & fix or replace the damaged parts.  In the event replacement parts are not available for purchase (usually due to the age of the Garage Door Motor), replacing the entire unit may be a cheaper solution - take a look at our range of Garage door motors Here


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