How do I stop my Garage door opening randomly on its own?

Posted on August 11, 2016 by Tech Support | 0 comments

Garage door opening randomly? It's an uneasy feeling when your garage door is opening randomly in the middle of the night. You don't want to come home from a long day of work to find out your garage door has randomly opened. Security is something that you should always have when you close your garage door.

Why is my Garage Door Opening Randomly?

Improvements in technology have resulted in the random opening of garage doors to become a rarity. However the issue can still occur as not everyone has updated to the latest models. There are also other causes such as issues with older circuit wiring or even electrical surges due to stormy weather.

When trying to assess the issue, there are a number of parts involved with the opening and closing of your garage door. A common issue is that there are shorts in the circuit. Furthermore your garage remote could also be causing the problem as it could be damaged or sending out random signals. This a good sign that the remote is defective or that the batteries are wearing out and need replacing.

Stop your Garage Door Opening Randomly

There are a few DIY solutions available for you to choose from. If you have an older garage remote, replacing it with a new model could be a great fix as newer models operate using rolling codes. The newer models make it almost impossible for other people's remotes to interfere with your garage. Replacing your older signal receiver works just as well.

Sometimes the problem can be due to reasons outside of your control such as electrical surges or stormy weather that disrupts and damages the circuit/logic board. In this case you'll also have to replace the circuit or logic board for your specific garage door opener. Older models may not be available for purchase anymore so this could be a great time to upgrade your garage door.

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