Elsema 27mhz Compatible Remote (Aftermarket)

Elsema 27mhz Compatible Remote (Aftermarket) Elsema 27mhz Compatible Remote (Aftermarket) Elsema 27mhz Compatible Remote (Aftermarket)

FREE SHIPPING NZ WIDE - DELIVERED IN 1-2 WORKING DAYS ** Please allow longer for delivery to Rural Addresses** 

Compatible with the following Gate Remotes/Models:

  • See 3rd photo attached to match your remote for compatibility
  • Also compatible with the following Remote Models:
  • ATA TXA-1
  • ATA TXA-2
  • ATA TXA-4
  • Elsema FMT-PET
  • Elsema FMT-101
  • Elsema FMT-102
  • Elsema FMT-201
  • Elsema FMT-202
  • Elsema FMT-204
  • Elsema FMT-301
  • Elsema FMT-302
  • Elsema FMT-304
  • Elsema FMT-401
  • Elsema FMT-402
  • Elsema FMT-404
  • Elsema KEY-202
  • Elsema KEY-301
  • Elsema KEY-302
  • Elsema KEY-304
  • Firmadoor TXA-1
  • Firmadoor FMD1
  • Firmadoor FMD2
  • Firmadoor FMD3
  • Magic Button MB101
  • Magic Button MB201
  • Magic Button MB301
  • Magic Button MB302
  • Magic Button MB304
  • Remote King RME99 27MHz Aftermarket Remote (See 3rd photo)
  • Not compatible with any 'KEY' or 'FMT' models ending with DA

Features of the Aftermarket Remote:

  • Key ring size Grey case with 2 Yellow buttons.
  • 12 Dipswitch Configuration
  • Transmitter Frequency 27MHz to match you old remote 
  • NOTE: This remote may lack range compared with your original remote.  If you prefer to have the longer range of your old Original remote please purchase the Updated Genuine Branded Elsema Remote Here   

Your New Aftermarket Remote includes:

  • 12 Month product warranty
  • Full programming instructions to get your remote up & running
  • Free follow up Tech Support if needed (Phone/Email/Live Chat)
  • Free Shipping NZ wide (Track n Trace courier 1-2 working days)
  • Free Battery
  • Free Keyring Clip


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